The Shop.

Tiffany created the Chaga Life brand and introduced its benefits into the UK. Her products have sold in health clubs and gyms around Europe, as well as in leading health stores Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods & Planet Organic.

The positive experience of selling online encouraged Tiffany to expand her range into a diverse collection of healthcare products. She selects each item based on her personal criteria, with you in mind. For athletes and health enthusiasts alike.

The Collection.

Every item in this highly selective range is handpicked by Tiffany

The brands are those that Tiffany personally uses, from companies she genuinely trusts

All products are high quality, nutrient rich, organic, pure, sustainable and use ethical ingredients

Products that improve…

  • Brain health
  • Cellular health
  • Energy  
  • Immunity
  • Longevity
  • Muscle repair & recovery
  • Sports performance 
  • Gut health 
  • Hormone balance  
  • Sleep quality 
  • and reduce stress.

“The aim of this store is to bring the same level of authenticity and care across all ranges, so that you can select supplements and food essentials for all round health and wellness with confidence.”- Tiffany Kushner