Tiffany has a strong history of successful biohacking. From her reliance on home created ice baths in 2012 to her successful pre-lockdown Chaga mushroom business Chaga Life, she has nurtured a collection of simple habits that develop better physical and mental health, and encourage a more resilient and happier lifestyle.

Since 2018, Tiffany has taken full control over her body to manipulate and enhance her physical and mental performance. Her desire to feel better and determine how far she could push herself has resulted in an incredible reversal of her biological age from 36 to 19 years old!

“I took a series of biomarker tests to establish just how average I was and where my imbalances were.”


Once I’d established the levels of my health, I started rebuilding on the imbalances. This journey began with decalcifying my pineal gland and optimising my body in unconventional ways to develop better physical and mental health.

In my quest to achieve optimum health I tested a diverse range of practices, from the most innovative, ground-breaking trials to some almost forgotten ancient practices. Several were effectively unknown with very little studies to back up their efficacy, but I was open and willing to try anything and everything to fulfil my own potential. Some of the practices I embarked on included:
* Experimentation of supplements
* Effective minimalist methods
* Light therapy
* Sound therapy
* Hyper-oxygenation
* Plant medicines
* Psychedelics
* Adaptogens
* Nootropics
* Breath work
* Embracing positive stress
* Grounding, sun gazing and wearing blue blocker glasses

I even fasted for 10 days on only water. And, some of you might not like the sounds of this – I have completely cut out sugar, alcohol and ultra-processed food from my diet. 

As you can imagine, this whole process has been a lengthy exercise in trial and error; observing myself, learning what happens, then adjusting my programme accordingly.

To be clear, this is no quick fix.

I have completely devoted myself to ensuring a better me – healthier, fitter, stronger, happier.

This is truly a lifelong commitment. And it’s not simply physical health that improves.
This process delivers a consistent good mood, increased confidence, clearer focus, boundless energy, willpower, stress resilience, brainpower, calm, health, and general longevity.

To support this I have removed certain stress triggers from my world, including TV, films, negative news, and all menial jobs.

Even lying, as that causes potential stress and disharmony – however small or insignificant the tale may be.
Honesty is the best policy, but it’s also the healthiest option too!

Silent practice
I lived for four weeks in complete silence during the prep phase of my bodybuilding competition.
I will always treasure this calm time of my life where I was able to withdraw from the world. I was really able to tune in and bring myself into a deep level of self-awareness, and the meaning of life revealed itself to me.

When you’re not making noise you find yourself paying close attention to what’s actually happening – to nature, to your senses and to the flow of life coursing all around you. There is always wonder and magic to tap into.

“External reality is a reflection of your Internal reality. ”

As a result I now experience things more deeply. I have profound human experiences and synchronicities in my life that you absolutely could not call coincidences.