Off Grid Living

For the past two years Tiffany and her partner have lived a nomadic lifestyle, detaching themselves completely from possessions and material wealth.

We accepted society ‘norms’ for decades, seeing the world through the veil of illusion created through politics, film, sport, media, music and celebrity culture. We both understand how the world works. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.


Our decision to travel was so much more than a lifestyle change; it was a rapid psychological change. Our core values had evolved by changing our environment we learnt, together, how to tap into and reprogramme our subconscious minds.

We embarked on a deeper journey than we could ever have imagined. The beauty of detaching from possessions and learning about the gifts we are all born with.


Living in a mobile home is humbling; it’s made me so appreciative of everything that surrounds me, and has given us both a powerful new approach to life. Personally, my sensory gates are now open wide. I have the ability to perceive and experience life with such clarity and understanding. And yes, I have been able to unlearn a lot of what I had previously imagined to be true.

My partner and I exist happily in a small space with very few possessions. The inside of our home is mostly wood so it’s naturally beautiful. We own only the basics: food, cutlery, clothing and bedding. We have no need for anything else. I systematically removed toxicity from our everyday home life, including cosmetics, textiles, furniture, packaging and cookware.We have no non-essential items, no plastic, no clutter.

Our journey affirms the beauty and efficiency of living with less, and teaches us that every item you bring into your life should have undeniable meaning and purpose.


At last I’m living free – and I have peace of mind, my most valuable asset! The many benefits of our chosen lifestyle include:

  • Spending more time with nature – up close and personal
  • Increased sun exposure
  • Openness to the elements
  • Living gently
  • Being on my own schedule
  • Better health, more wealth
  • Fewer commitments and obligations
  • Massive amounts of freedom in all aspects
  • The joy of an unpredictable routine
  • Adventures
  • Simplicity
  • No stress!